Can you make money doing online surveys? Astonishingly, the answer to this question is yes. However, how much profit can you make, is what you should be asking yourself. If you do a on line search on the term make money online doing surveys, you will get 39.8 million results. This demonstrates there is cash to be made in doing online surveys. The question is who is making the money, because it sure is not 90% of the survey takers. Sorry to say, the survey takers generally are making peanuts in comparison to the online survey membership websites and their affiliates.

Here is how this game is played and how you can avoid being taken for a ride. You go to Google and search any variance of how to make money doing surveys. You get bombarded with web site after site promising they are the solution and how you will make $ 150 a day filling out surveys while drinking your morning cup of Joe. You land on their effectively crafted sales page filled with reports of people all around the world making money with little to no work.

You are motivated, the adrenaline is pumping threw your veins. Then abruptly, your exhilaration fades when you get to the part of the sales page showing the $ 34.99 price tag for them to show you how to get up and running with the surveys.Survey sites that charge you anything upfront are a red flag for hardship. All you are paying for is information on how to find organizations that are paying survey takers. These companies are just middle men for large corporations who use outsourcing for their market research.

Also, be careful when doing your research on survey sites, many sites offering online surveys often have spy-ware and viruses. In my examination of these survey sites, you can typically expect to make between 5 to 50 dollars a month doing online surveys, based upon on how much effort you want to devote to it. I have noticed that there are a lot of website proclaiming to have made thousands of dollars online doing surveys. However, on these sites are loaded with affiliate links where the author will get paid when you join these companies. My suggestion is to use the advise you have heard your entire life, If it seems to good to be true, it probably is.

Although, there is an opportunity to make money doing online surveys, my recommendation is to save your time and money on these opportunities. However, if you are looking for something that is proven to succeed, then I would suggest you continue to look for other business models that will allow you to grow a business leveraging the power of the Internet.

Learning how to make money online is an ongoing process which requires going threw a learning curve. Marshall Johnson is a Top Internet Marketer, SEO Expert, Coach, and Mentor. Do you want help getting started on line? visit and get on my mailing list for the tips, tactics, and strategies that produce results.

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