Comparison Between Traditional and Online Surveys


Despite the availability of online survey technology, many companies still use paper-based questionnaires. In most cases, the reason is due to tradition. That is, they do so because they have always done so. A quick comparison between the two approaches reveals several advantages of using web-based questionnaires over their paper-based […]

Intro To Marketing: Quantitative Market Research


Quantitative market research involves some type of data gathering or the development of some method of measuring and analysing marketing information. One of the best starting places for quantitative market research is the collection of demographic data. People sometimes get very nervous about the idea of doing market research. While […]

Surveys That Pay Cash


Internet surveys are very well liked. One reason is because they are inexpensive. And you can gather important feedback from clients very fast. This can be done by doing different jobs, including making cash for online surveys. Online surveys are one of the fastest-growing business uses of the Web. If […]