Ever since ABC Lost Series has been aired on television, its popularity has been soaring like the way the eagle does above the clouds. This show has had nothing short of a blockbuster success on American television. The creators of Lost, J.J Abrams and Damon Lindelof must be laughing their way to the bank since the show’s inception in 2004.

ABC Lost Series has become a household name in America with its innovative plot and exciting, adventurous storyline. After 5 successful seasons of Lost on ABC, the show has catapulted the ABC network to newer heights.

Lost on ABC is a story of 48 passengers of an airplane who get stuck in an unknown island. From their journey to survive on that island starts and makes the show even more interesting. ABC Lost has been a very clear network and all the seasons of ABC Lost Series are shown on it accurately. From season 1 the network has been airing the episodes with their repeat telecasts for so that none of the fans ever miss any episodes.

Numerous websites have been launched owing to the popularity of ABC Lost Series. As surveys have pointed out, the most popular of these websites is www.lost-tv-show.com. This website has various features including Lost TV show Blogs, Lost TV show Forums, Lost TV show Secrets to the Lost Spoilers as well.

Fans can connect with other fans worldwide through forums and blogs. Forums also help the creators to get an idea of what the viewers like to watch and what they did not like. CDs and DVDs of the Lost show are also available for the fans on the website to watch the show at their leisure. Through ABC Lost Spoilers, fans can also know in advance what to expect from the forthcoming episodes. Lost Spoilers essentially are certain elements of the show that gets leaked on the web and ruin the moment of thrill and excitement of the episode. The fact that many fans scour the web for spoilers on the Lost TV Show is quite well known.

The recently concluded 5th season has been considered the best season till date. Its untangled episode just blew away the audiences flushed with excitement. According to the spoilers on the web, ABC Lost is expected to get much more adventurous, full of action and excitement in the 6th season which is expected to be aired in 2010.

Let us see what J Abrams and Damon Lindelof have in mind for the viewers. Whatever it is, ABC Lost Series has kept us enthralled till now and will in the coming seasons.

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