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Numerous Kinds Of Internet Surveys For Money

There are numerous sorts of web surveys for money. You should be expecting to receive feedback survey forms before or right after a new product release.

Taking Online Surveys For Cash

Online surveys for money are readily available across the online world today. It’s not surprising given the fact that most online marketers and researchers now engage the internet media as a highly effective way to get feedback and opinions from consumers. You may be wondering why some companies are keen to pay survey participants just to fill up survey forms. Reviews and opinion from customers are very important information ensuring success of services and products.

If you would like to earn extra cash over the internet, you should decide to take online surveys for money now. You would not lose anything for doing this. You just need to sacrifice some time and patience in finding those feedback survey forms and filling them out accurately and truthfully. There are now several types of such surveys online that are being deployed across the Internet. Listed below are 2 of the most common.

Pre-Development Review Survey

One common sort of internet surveys for cash involves questionnaires and forms that solicit thoughts and opinions of customers regarding undeveloped services and products. It is a common fact that the marketplace is nearly saturated from different merchandises. Even so, there are always preferences of the market place that are still unknown and unrecognized by suppliers and service providers.

Researchers hope to examine those issues usually held by consumers. The existing products and services in the market place might not be acceptable or ideal for customers. Market researchers need to find out what sorts of services and product the customers want and need. The information generated from web surveys for cash could be key for product development and branding. As always, businesses want to make sure that they are creating and launching the right products for the ever-discerning market customers.

Product Testing Survey

Another common form of online surveys for cash is the one created and rolled out to determine market viewpoint about existing products and services. This could be facilitated in several ways. First, researchers tap consumers who are familiar about specific products and services. They then intend to get feedback and opinions of consumers regarding such products.

Second, if most participants are still new about specific products, the researchers could send them actual physical samples of the products to allow respondents the chance to answer survey questions in as honest as they possibly could. For instance, a research company would first send you a sample of a new shampoo, expecting you to begin using it prior to you finish a questionnaire form. In this way, your significant view about the product would be attained and solicited.

Want to know more what online surveys for money are available? Check them out at the link get paid to take online surveys right away.

Best Paid Online Surveys

The World Wide Web has brought a new sight to market research companies. Internet users can now make money by participating in online surveys. By conducting online surveys, companies can find out what people want and need in the services and merchandise that they purchase. They take the data collected and either make improvements to their existing merchandise or create new products to fit the need of the people. How do you know which sites to choose where there is a multitude of websites promoting the same products and services? I have found for you some of the highest ranked websites where you can take the best paid online surveys:

1. NFO My Survey.

NFO My Survey gives points to people for becoming a member, referring others, and taking surveys. You collect points and redeem them for raffle tickets, prizes, cash, and more.

2. Opinion Outpost.

This website costs nothing to join and offers a variety of paid surveys. Surveys are sent to you via email every week (or bi-weekly) and you have the option of whether or not you take the survey. Opinion Outpost surveys can pay in the range of $ 1 to $ 5. It’s simple to join. You answer personal questions about yourself so the website has an idea of what type of surveys to send you.

3.) Survey Spot

Survey Spot also has a personal information survey and free membership. This site offers you different avenues of earning opportunities. With each survey you do, you receive an entry into their instant win drawing for a chance to win prizes and — you guessed it — cash. There is a $ 25.00 Cash Sweepstakes, too. Again, complete surveys, receive entries. This sweepstakes drawing is conducted quarterly. And, by participating in specific surveys you can earn money.

Only a small number of survey sites have been listed here; many companies offer these types of surveys so there are many more from which to choose if you have an interest.

Looking to find the best deal on Make Money Taking Surveys, then visit www.yoursite.com to find the best advice on Maximum Paid Surveys for you.

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Intro To Marketing: Quantitative Market Research

Quantitative market research involves some type of data gathering or the development of some method of measuring and analysing marketing information. One of the best starting places for quantitative market research is the collection of demographic data.

People sometimes get very nervous about the idea of doing market research. While it is true that market research can be very complex and involve substantial statistical analysis, it’s also possible to gather information systematically but more simply and gain good marketing intelligence that you can put to practical use. In this article we will look at some quantitative methods for gathering market information.

In general, quantitative market research involves some type of data gathering or the development of some method of measuring and analysing marketing information. One of the best starting places for quantitative market research is the collection of demographic data.

Demographic information

Demographic information is usually defined as age, gender, race, income, marital status, geographic residence, work residence, household data and so on. There are several ways to gather this data, large group data gleaned from your country’s census or small group data gathered from your customer base.

Unique Customer Database Development

It is very, very, (are you getting this?) very important to know who your customers are. You can obtain this information by asking for it and making it worthwhile for your site users to provide the information to you. How do you do it?


Make it easy for people to register to get something from your site, name and email address, that’s enough for you to know who’s visiting and be able to contact them again. However, if you can, offer something worthwhile in exchange for a more complete set of registration information. Give users a discount in exchange for learning age range, income range, marital status, geographic location, how they found your site, occupation and so on.

Customer Satisfaction Survey:

Once again, use an incentive to get feedback from your purchasers. In this situation, you will be able to tie the type and amount of purchase and type of payment mechanism to other demographic data.

Aggregate Demographic Information

Once you know something about your customers or you have established a demographic group as your intended customers, tweens in the UK from families with income over for example, it’s often useful to understand what the market potential is by determining the number of people in your market segment. Here are the sites to go to for census data.


The government of the UK provides a statistical data site that provides demographic information across many categories of inquiry and allows you to create your own data tables as well.


Although the U.S. Census publishes census data in aggregate form, you will need specific information that is compiled for your unique needs. The best way to obtain that information is through the Factfinder site.


Canada provides both raw census data as well as tabulated data in many forms. Go to Statcan website to access the information.


Australia’s Bureau of Statistics’ website is a storehouse of demographic information.


You are in a unique position to discover customised information from your customers through formal surveys. Online traders have a strong advantage over bricks and mortar retailers who have great difficulty enticing customers to fill out and return survey forms or respond to surveys by telephone. Web users, on the other hand, are much more likely to provide information when asked. And, you already have an audience of website users to draw into your data gathering efforts.

The subject of constructing surveys is an enormous field of study, much too complex to even begin to discuss in this article. Formal surveys should be carefully designed with questions tested for validity (Does each question elicit a response that answers the research question?) and reliability (Will the question be answered in a consistent way when asked by different surveyors at different times under different circumstances. Does this mean that formal surveys are out of the question as a tool for you unless you can afford the services of a survey design group? Not necessarily.

If you decide to conduct a survey on your site, try these strategies to improve the survey’s response rate and validity:

* Keep the length to the equivalent of one page or less
* Use a dynamic format if possible so the survey adapts to the survey taker
* Write as clearly as possible
Offer confidentiality an incentive for completion Make the survey aesthetically pleasing.

One good way to test the survey’s ability to retrieve the kind of information you want is to study the results of a trial run of a limited number of users. Look at individual results to see if responders became confused by the questions, if there were too many ‘don’t know’ or ‘n/a’ responses to make the question useful and so on.

Remember that statistical validity doesn’t really begin until you have at least 30 responses within a response. This means that if you ask a question with four possible multiple choice answers, the data begins to be reliable when each multiple choice option has at least 30 responses.

Now, you need to remember that the surveys you conduct of visitors to your site represent the people that actually made it there, it completely misses all of those people that do not seem to know that your site exists. Oftentimes, those are the people whose opinions you need to discover. In that case, you may want to try an online survey group.

There are many, many web survey businesses that will help you design, conduct and analyse a formal survey, often targeting specific markets for you. One of the more interesting offerings is www.surveymonkey.com. These folks are so sure that you will prefer their service that they encourage you to compare and give you a list of their competitors with links to their sites! So, if you think you know what you want to ask and who you want to ask, it may be worth giving one of these services a try.

Trend Analysis and Industry Research

Since many small business owners cannot afford to undertake major formal marketing surveys, this kind of market research is typically the province of trade associations. One of the many reasons to join a trade association is to gain access to the market research that is conducted on behalf of its membership.

To find macro market research, try these techniques:

* Google your product area name and the words ‘trade association’ or ‘market research’ or ‘industry’
* Google your target market name and the words ‘market research’ or ‘trends’ or ‘buying habits’

eSources is the Internet’s largest wholesale directory, also offering eBay market research and country specific data: Wholesale UK, Wholesale France, Wholesale USA, Wholesale Canada, Wholesale China

Marketing Research Services in the Age of Social Media

Of the biggest technological developments that have revolutionised marketing research is the emergence and spread of the social media. What was basically a means for network-ing has become a major business tool. In marketing research it has completely revolutio-nised the way we carry out and evaluate our research.

With its instant connect to millions across the world, social media is a perfect tool for re-searchers. When it comes to research for companies from countries like Singapore and UK, market research through social media can give us more relevant results. In fact, work-ing with social media has become an essential part of marketing research services.

So, how does market research works in the social media era? How has it changed the way market research is carried out?

Forming special interest groups: Social media offered the perfect platform to create a fo-cus group and this gave rise to online market research communities or MROCs. These are online communities that are constituted for basic research purposes. These private invite-only communities can be sustained over long-term, providing relevant groundbreaking ideas.

Big data: The social media is an enormous source of data and not just from MROCs. It can give you an instant glimpse of your users as well as the competitors. This is massive data, from current trends to changing attitudes and perceptions. Then you have the big industry data from blogs by industry experts, news from competitors and latest developments.
Best of all, this data is free of researcher bias and reflective of actual user behaviour. It is constant and fast. Because of this, social media data is actually highly reliable. It is used to understand user behaviour, predict trends, innovations and ideas.

Getting the right language: India is a young country today with its own language. Its up-wardly mobile youth is impatient with an exposure to global news and events. Like their preferences, their language is also changing rapidly. It is important to understand this dis-course because this is the language your users understand and relate to.
Social media has given researchers a unique access to their respondents in a language they understand. From online games to twitter boards, it has forced a whole new language that is snappy and honest.

Crossing barriers: Social media has been instrumental in reaching out across borders. Researchers are creating communities that can be anywhere in the world and monitoring them constantly. For clients from countries like UK and Singapore setting up shop in India, social media also allowed them to see the process for themselves.

Quick and cheap: Undoubtedly the biggest benefit of social media is that it is quick and cheap. Setting up online communities and monitoring these is relatively cheaper. There are also a number of free tools that researchers regularly employ. But, best of all, it gives us an almost instant responses. As a result, researchers are now creating surveys in al-most record time span. For instance, reactions to a product launch can be accessed within 24 hours by studying social media chatter.

Validating traditional research: Despite its many benefits, social media is usually used by researchers to validate the findings from their traditional research. They use MROCs to verify results from other qualitative or quantitative studies. Do the social media groups re-flect quantitative data? Active social media chatter and feedback is often more believable for the client.

Combining quantitative with qualitative: Social media gives marketing research services the unique opportunity to combine both qualitative and quantitative research. It gives us an easy access to numbers through web traffic, which forms the quantitative content. Web chatter, on the other hand, gives us the qualitative data. So, we now have an important tool that can give us a composite data of users –their demographic, motivations and behaviour.

Monitoring of analytics: Web tools can tell us exactly which tool is the most effective! For instance, researchers use various tools like Google analytics to monitor the traffic to their website. Where is it coming from? Which social media website directs most of the traffic to yours? If it is Facebook, you can shift your research and marketing to that platform.

Mohit Rao, an writer He is known for his work in Marketing Research field. He has published well researched content on Market Research Services India.

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Internet Paid Survey Sites – Which Internet Websites Have High Paying Paid Surveys?

When you do an internet paid survey, you can expect to get cash, gift cards or points. You can choose from any of those 3 things, so you aren’t limited to how you can get your income. With saying that, you need to know a few things about surveys before you get started and try to make a full time income with internet paid survey sites. I will explain the pros and cons of doing surveys in 2010.

The very 1st tip you need to know is about the kind of places that want you to pay them an entrance fee before you can sign up. Are these sorts of websites even worth the trouble of giving you hard earned money to? The shortest answer I can give is No. The longest answer I can give is No Way. If you are hopping around the web and bump into a fee based internet paid survey site, and they want 35 or $ 45 to enter, skip them and never come back.

Since way back in 2006, I’ve been around the surveys industry and during all of this time, I have yet to hear or see an ounce of good things said about fee based websites, unless the info was spam. As a matter of fact, if you decide to give them your money, all you get is a list of “other” free internet paid survey sites most of the time, and they don’t even have surveys. They just take your payment info, process it, and then provide some randomized list of the free websites you should have went to in the first place. Now, if you are lazy and don’t want to spend the extra 5 minutes looking for free internet paid survey websites, you can take their lists, but I hope you are not expecting a good, updated list.

All of those reasons are why I keep going directly to the free internet paid survey sites and nothing else. For starters, the free ones never ask you for any of your cash. Second of all, you can sign out an never go back to that site if you end up not liking them. Now, I fully admit that there are also some very horrible free sites out there, just like there are fee based ones, but you can also get a hold of very high paying websites. All you have to do is take 40 minutes of your time to do a tiny bit of research about the best paying places.

The web is known for having boat loads of spam, so what I do to get the legit info about the best places is go into big message boards. They never have spam, because they are big, respected websites and they want to stay that way. They don’t want their visitors running away because of the tons of spam, so they delete all of it, minutes after it gets posted. If you go into the archive of some bigger message boards, you can read through 100’s of great topics about surveys. That’s how I get informed about the best internet paid survey sites.

Need to know the best Internet Paid Survey sites? My Blog Has the Ultimate List of Internet Paid Survey Sites.

Surveys For Cash – How to Find the Right Survey Sites Which Actually Pay Well

When you need extra income, you need to find surveys for cash reimbursement in order to meet your daily obligations. Here are some places you can look in order to find paying jobs.

If you are going to work at home, completing surveys for cash is one of the best ways to earn a substantial and easy income. You don’t need to worry about paying a large financial investment in order to get started. You just have to have the willingness to go out and find the survey jobs that you need in order to meet your income target. Spending time to learn the tips and tricks of the industry may seem difficult at first, but soon you will be locating and completing profitable surveys regularly. Here are some places to look for surveys that can be completed in return for cash.

Online Listing Sites

The easiest and most obvious place to look in order to find surveys for cash is at one or more of the many online listing sites. These sites may require payment of a subscription fee in order to provide the latest and most comprehensive information, or they may be totally free and gain their financial support by advertising or by assessing the businesses listing the surveys a listing fee. Either way, you gain the benefit of numerous potential jobs in one location online. This allows you to find the ones that work best for you.

Television or Radio Ads

Occasionally, there are ads placed on television or radio to ask for people who are willing to complete surveys for cash. These surveys are usually completed in conjunction with health or illness related projects and may include testing of drugs, treatment methods or other modalities. For example, studies on depression, obesity or diabetes may be looking for people to participate in the programs or projects. Payment may include compensation for time spent, travel expenses, free medications or placebos, counseling, or other benefits. People participate for the cash they receive, but it may also be a way to get treatment for certain kinds of disorders.

College or University Bulletin Boards

Another way to find out about surveys for cash is to look on college or university bulletin boards. This type of survey is often connected with a research project of a student or faculty member. Grants, fellowships and scholarships at many educational facilities may depend on published research projects by the student or professor. In other instances, the project may be commenced simply because the person wants to test a theory or find out more about a favorite subject. Notices asking for those who are interested in participating can be found online or at physical bulletin boards.

Contact Businesses

In order to find and complete surveys for cash, you may be successful in locating options by contacting businesses directly, either online or by telephone. Some business web sites make it easy for you to contact their company for queries such as this. It is helpful to have the name or at least the title of the correct contact person. Alternatively, you may want to contact the marketing or customer satisfaction unit of the company for information about completing surveys about their products.

One of the best all around internet sources for information on finding Surveys For Cash can be found at http://www.goodinternetmoney.com/Make-Money-Taking-Survey.php . Here, you can find some of the best free to join survey sites and start making money!

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Surveys That Pay Cash

Internet surveys are very well liked. One reason is because they are inexpensive. And you can gather important feedback from clients very fast.

This can be done by doing different jobs, including making cash for online surveys. Online surveys are one of the fastest-growing business uses of the Web. If you think about it, surveys have been used forever although mostly by corporations.

It is likely that the reasons that surveys are still around is because they are one of the vehicles that are very affordable. And you can generate valuable customer feedback rather quickly. If you consider how much more affordable it is to gather surveys with the help of the Internet which even eliminates the need for snail mail.

Surveys confirm who it is that is visiting your Web site. It is very important information for businesses to have. Not only are online surveys cheap but they are also speedy.

You should get the people to be studied by using your client list. You can often get the results in the same day. Do not misunderstand or compare online surveys with comment forms that are posted on your site because they are not the same and they are not as credible.

If you provide the people to be surveyed, by using your customer list, you can often get the results back the very same day. Don’t confuse or compare online surveys with the feedback forms that are on your Website. They are not the same nor are they as effective.

With all devices that people use their phones on these days, there is a clear indication that they do not want to be disturbed by telephone. Many people will ignore surveys that are offered online.

Phoning people has lost its popularity. Many people will disregard surveys that are given online. Businesses are likely to offer cash incentives for partaking in online surveys.

Many people tend to ignore surveys that are offered online. Businesses are inclined to offer cash for conducting online surveys. And that is a real motivator for people to start filling them out.

Usually the business will ask people to fill out a form. The form will indicate their age group, a little about their family, the types of products that they use, their income, and so on. This helps to be able to allow them to complete surveys that are relevant to them.

The business will then send e-mail invitations to respondents asking them to take your survey. Earning Money You can find out what and why people purchase, and why people don’t. Once created, the information is ready to be complete.

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Cash In With Free Paid Survey Websites – Possible?

Interested in making some cash online in your comfort home? My answer is to join some of the free membership paid survey web sites.. You can make handsome amount of money for giving honest opinions on consumer issues. When you join the free membership paid surveys, you have nothing to lose as you are not paying any fees for the membership.

By doing these free membership paid survey jobs you can get paid about $ 5-$ 7 an hour for participating in online surveys from home. You can be paid up to $ 25 to take part in focus groups and for trying out new products. You can also get paid for shopping, eating in a appointed restaurant or watching movie, which will be $ 10-$ 50 for you, and for answering a short questionnaire on your consumer experience.

So as a consumer and no matter where you lives, you opinion will be counted and you will be qualified for taking surveys. You should join more paid surveys free membership companies so that you can make more money. You can enjoy a satisfying life in the comfort of your home and get paid by completing paid survey from free membership companies.

But be careful, you should choose the right web sites., as there are multiple options available online. Once you have registered, you will have to fill the questionnaire which includes questions about likes, dislikes, brands of food, interests and items frequently used and also some other demographic info. A preliminary poll will be offered to the registrant by the paid survey sites. only after this pre-qualified questionnaire is filled honestly.

If you do not qualify in many questionnaires, you will not get many paid surveys to answer. You have to always keep in mind that the preliminary sheets will take at least 5-20 minutes to complete and do not pay anything and also don’t give any guarantee for paid questionnaire. Anyway, joining the free membership paid survey websites. is always a great option.

Want to take advantage of top legit get-paid programs? Be sure to check out free Make Money Taking Surveys reviews and free list of top Paid to Signup sites.

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Make Paid! Answer About The Web Surveys For Money

In what way do you be aware of that it’s a great strong guarantee? Strong money-back would ensure are for 60-90 days and are perhaps backed up from a bank or maybe a financial institution kind of as PayPal perhaps ClickBank.

So start out slow, until you never the ropes. Answer your enquiry honestly. Proceed yourself organized in addition , submit your internet surveys on time and you will develop into able to acquire the extra money you need if you want to make ends meet up with.

Providing fulltime income through taking surveys must be quite impossible. It is a fun, easy to great way on to earn extra profits. Don’t adopt surveys too seriously, take these at joy and mainly because a source of extra income. And you are inclined to never get whichever disappointment by doing surveys. In case that you are some sort of teen, then out can help you really to make your main pocket-money.

Soon after you are throughout the and eligible that would receive online surveys for money a person will will get your trusty offers by e-mail message. So it’s important to always maintain an eye through your in bag. You don’t have to work everyday, but everything is important to positively be consistent who have filling out as well as the submitting your task. If it know you can be found serious in your primary work, they can keep sending your personal surveys on a regular basis. I have learned that when I will slack off combined with don’t fill up any surveys with regard to a few weeks, the offers gradually down.

Up to cut down cost, several companies ask for opinion from unquestionably the customers and hire them. It is part from their marketing research to avoid failures in promotion, advertising and cost management. it helps to in making by online surveys through internet and it is being an unique one too. It works paying surveys, focus your attention on group, mystery sopping online and snow boards of several methods.

online surveys for the purpose of money industry is in fact not for nearly every person, even consumers who are stunning sure they are looking to find a small amount of type of run at home paid position that will are profitable. Our own person who will be happy and additionally satisfied doing within the net surveys must have actually several personality behavior that will enable them to offer the type most typically associated with daily work implicated in online surveys. You will enjoy sharing ones opinion with other. The citizen who is indecisive would not really like being asked when it comes to their opinion regarding multiple questions or subjects. Ones person who favors structured working climates may not really like the more laid-back approach when the customer are your rather own boss.

All online surveys to gain money industry is undoubtedly not for evu must enjoy showing your opinion with others. The person who was indecisive would not enjoy being which person, even hundreds of who are on the whole sure they are looking for to find specific type of perform the job at home job that will usually profitable. Some sort of person who ‘ll be happy yet satisfied doing the internet surveys must acquire several personality functions that will inspire them to handle the type together with daily work focused in online study. Yong called for their thoughts and opinions on multiple some questions and subjects. The person what kind of person prefers structured working environments may probably not enjoy the greater laid-back approach when you are any own boss.

The correct way much you allow from online surveys online for money has become entirely up within order to how much you’ll work and just what sites you surely have chosen to hint up with. Some companies offer very little incentive, while others deliver much more. You will provide to do your primary homework about of which sites pay some of the best and dandelion out the individuals that are just a waste from your time.

You put the entire survey in, plus the money is derived out. The sooner I receive to see some money the good deal more motivated it offers me.
Latest project: survey scout

50 Ways To Use Your Website

A website is an investment. After all, you are building a shopfront. In a nutshell, you can use your website to:

Enhance your professional image

1 – Look professional and as BIG as large corporations.

2 – Pre-sell yourself to new clients even before you meet them.

3 – Supply a meaningful and intuitive address related to your type of service. It is easier to remember www.websitename.com rather than a long ISP email address such as ‘www.yourInternetServiceProvidername.com/~websitename’.

4 – Provide a permanent address with up-to-date contact details and opening hours. You can change Internet Service Provider or move physical premises and your customers will always find you and your marketing efforts are not lost.

Boost confidence in your business

5 – Demonstrate your knowledge and expertise with tips, articles and editorials.

6 – Build your credibility by displaying awards and providing testimonials.

7 – Encourage potential clients. A free web hosting address can look dubious and show less commitment to your business.

8 – Give staff details to humanise your business, to show that you are ‘real’ people.

9 – Provide background information on your business.

Provide current and useful information

10 – Publish a catalogue or portfolio of your products and services.

11 – Inform your visitors about the benefits and applications of your products.

12 – Categorise information according to target audiences. For example, discuss benefits of a dishwasher to potential buyers and give installation instructions to installers.

13 – Arrange table of comparisons of product specifications and prices to help your client’s decision making.

14 – Publish a newsletter.

15 – List upcoming products, services, events.

Increase sales

16 – Sell directly to customers without middlemen.

17 – Take orders when clients are ready.

18 – Generate extra income with affiliate programs and sponsorships.

19 – Sell advertising space e.g. banners.

20 – Provide enrolment forms and applications for membership.

Save on operational costs

21 – Open your shopfront extended hours – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – at no extra cost.

22 – Produce high-impact online coloured brochures that would be too expensive to print.

23 – Save printing and mailing costs on newsletters, brochures and reports.

24 – Update information regularly without incurring printing costs.

25 – Save time on phone calls by providing answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ).

26 – Advertise your job vacancies.

27 – Shorten your sales cycle by streamlining your operations.

Expand your client base

28 – Expand your reach to new global markets.

29 – Collect names and addresses using viral marketing e.g. ‘Tell a friend’.

30 – Send special reports to visitors who provide you with their contact details.

31 – Link with suppliers, clients or complementary businesses to attract more traffic to your website.

32 – Increase client base with special offers and newsletter subscriptions.

Implement promotional activities

33 – Link offline and online advertising and promotion to feed on each other.

34 – Use email marketing and save on direct mailing costs.

35 – Experiment with new promotional ideas and measure their effectiveness.

36 – Create loyalty programs for repeat clients e.g. vouchers, special offers.

Create a favourable public image

37 – Provide a list of links to promote your partners and associations.

38 – Promote your community spirit and involvement.

39 – Publicise your environmentally friendly practices.

40 – Provide a press media kit.

Improve your level of customer service

41 – Display your policies and warranties.

42 – Maintain visibility with regular email invitations to view new online information or promotion.

43 – Provide a user guide with a trouble-shooting section.

44 – Allow your customers to view and change their account details and pay invoices.

45 – Improve your after-sales service with follow ups and feedback forms.

46 – Archive information. You can make available past issues of newsletters and user guides of dated products.

Obtain information for market research

47 – Collect information from visitors (e.g. age group, preferences).

48 – Gather information from suggestion forms to develop new products or improve existing ones.

49 – Test and evaluate new products without spending big dollars.

50 – Use surveys to obtain primary data for researches and reports.

Extra Tips

Use multiple domain (or subdomain) names to differentiate products and services, measure promotion effectiveness and attract more traffic to your website. For example, www.product1.com, www.product2.com and www.service1.com could all point towards the same website.

Henriette Martel is a website strategist, author of 200 Marketing Ideas for Your Website and director of the Australian Training Guide, Australia’s A to Z Training Database and Resources for Speakers, Trainers & Coaches.